Dude, Don’t Daytrade! | Market Fundamentals | Stocks & Cryptocurrency

Dude, Don’t Daytrade! | Market Fundamentals | Stocks & Cryptocurrency

This video is designed to address the elephant in the room. My belief that most people should not try to be and/or simply cannot ever be successful daytraders.

In this video I layout the first few points that come to mind regarding who might not be a good fit for daytrading. This brief video is designed to serve as a quick reference point for someone considering entering the markets as a short term trader and as a chance to open discussion.

This video is not totally comprehensive, but here are the topics I address
1. Knowing your ROI
2. Being exceptional
3. Extreme stress
4. Acting through data
5. Zero sum games

If something is confusing or you just want to chirp, then please reach out in the comment section or via my
Twitter: @Khanfuzed1

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