ROBO TRADER TUTORIAL 11 | Multi Time Frame Trading | Learn #withme

ROBO TRADER TUTORIAL 11 | Multi Time Frame Trading | Learn #withme

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In today’s episode, I explain how you can use Robo Trader with a single stock in different time frame signal. You can also use different strategies for trading in a single chart. You can use any one of these Odin, Nest, and NOW software for trading platforms. This is a unique feature of Robo trading software. To use the amibroker charting platform with Robo trader you should have the plugin. The download link is given below. If you are a registered member of SDTECH then you can get a FREE coupon code for downloading this plugin. For coupon code, please WhatsApp your registered Robo trader login Id at 8335992021 of email.
Plugin Download Link : https://imojo.in/24xctkx

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